Olivia Young

A Larger than life personality

Hi there Handsome!

I’m so happy you took a moment to stop by, read a bit about me, and take a look at what your fantasy girl actually looks like. Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Olivia, a 27-year-old of Thai and Laos descent. I am incredibly fun and playful, and my larger-than-life personality combines with a striking figure that is fit, petite, and voluptuous.

Having been born in Connecticut but raised in Vegas, I’m not your typical girl. I like to think that my witty, confident, and very feminine style makes for the perfect companion for any environment or situation. Even though I am a homebody at heart, I love to go watch a live Jazz concert or to do anything outdoors! I take pride in my body, and all the hours I put into caring for myself shows. I love to learn and invest in real estate, and I greatly admire those who are goal orientated and focused on continually bettering themselves like I am.

Now on to the more intimate picture of what I want and desire. I love when a date likes to linger on all the finer things life has to offer, whether it be a great glass of wine, a delicious cut of meat, or wrapped in an intoxicating bliss found only through working our way up and through the many different levels of passion. After our dinner and time spent with the rest of the world, I like to close the doors and open our minds to all the incredibly different ways we can find pleasure. Some of my favorite things to do are to wear an elegant dress with either nothing or a naughty piece of lingerie underneath. I so enjoy moving around the room as I strip piece by piece off myself, giving you a visual treat before your hands ever touch me. From there, I will find my way to your side, where I will sit on your lap, caressing and undressing you as well. From there… well, the fun really starts to begin! I enjoy nothing more than sinking to my knees and taking you fully into my mouth as I gaze into your eyes. The story that they would tell you is to take it slow and enjoy this pleasure, that we have time to fan the flames building inside and that I WANT to take my time tasting you and having you feel the soft and warm heat. My mouth has been known to work miracles and wonders on all those spots that are tight or stressed. 

I am a true pleaser. I want you to enjoy MY want and desire to worship YOUR body. I love breast play, and you will definitely have your hands full with my 32DDD’s! I crave seeing the passion in your eyes as your toes curl before you give yourself over to total surrender. You will have all of my focused attention solely on making our time together a memory you will think about for many more nights to come…

So, if you like what you hear and what you see, reach out for a date. I have so many fantasies and YOU play a major role in one. Until then Handsome…,

Xoxo Olivia Young





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